I get it!

Any homeschool family can and should thrive...but that doesn't mean that homeschooling is easy.


In fact, sometimes it almost feels impossible.


When a child has walked out of the room for the 15th time because he just can't focus.


And another child is crying over the number of math problems on a page.


And, after a month of gentle instruction on pencil grip there are still tantrums everyday.


You feel like you can never be enough for your children.


I get it! 


With 10 years experience as an Occupational Therapist plus 4 years as a homeschool mom, I'm ready to be your advocate.

Homeschool Families come to me asking:

  • I feel like I can't teach my child, is this true?

  • How can we manage our homeschool day when my child gets overwhelmed?

  • How do I help my child with organizing and independence?

  • How can we work on handwriting with my young child?

  • How do we balance all of our children's needs during the day?

  • What equipment can help my child in our homeschool room?

  • Is my homeschool good enough for my child with special needs?

  • Are there any homeschool friendly occupational therapists in my area?  I do not want to be told to put my kid back in public school.

Here's how I help homeschool families:

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  • Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for all the tips. Each month we explore a relevant theme using OT expertise exclusively for homeschoolers

  • Invite me to speak at your co-op, event, podcast. Book a class or public speaking event on Occupational Therapy and homeschool here.

My Resume


  • Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, Medical College of Virginia, 2008

  • Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Administration, York College of Pennsylvania, 2001

Work Experience

  • Children's Hospital, Richmond, VA, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, 2002-2006

  • Kennedy Krieger Institute,Baltimore, MD, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, 2008-2011

  • University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, MD, Home Health Occupational Therapist, 2011-2016

  • Collins Academy Therapy Services, Phoenixville, PA, Homeschool Occupational Therapy Consultant, 2019-present

Homeschool Experience

  • Classical Conversations- Foundations Tutor, 2016-2018
  • Classical Conversations- Essentials Tutor, 2018
  • Charlotte Mason Co-op- Co-coordinator and Instructor,  2019
  • Educator in home for 3 children over 7 year age gap, 2016- current

Speaking Experience

  • National Institute of Recreation Inclusion- Assistive Technology to Impact Recreation, Palm Springs, CA, 2004
  • National Institute of Recreation Inclusion- Low tech Solutions to Promote Inclusion, Austin, TX, 2005
  • Children's Hospital Assistive Technology Symposium, Increasing Functional Programming Using Assistive Technology, Richmond, VA, 2006
  • American Occupational Therapy Association poster presentation, Recreation Inclusion in a Camp Setting, Philadelphia, PA, 2011
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Symposium, Recreation Inclusion in a Camp Setting, Baltimore, MD, 2012
  • University of Maryland Physician Grand Rounds, Occupational Therapy Impact on Patient Outcomes, 2014
  • The Science and Art of Narration: Why and How we Comprehend our Living Books, Phoenixville, PA, 2019
  • The Impact of Prewriting Skills for Greater Learning, SPED Homeschoolers online webinar, 2020

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