I'm going to give it to you straight.

It isn't the curriculum you choose, the planner you fill out, or the co-op that you join that is going to change the game for your homeschooling year.


I mean, don't get me wrong, all those things can help,
but only once you have this important piece of the puzzle in place.




Throughout our day we have a million things we want to do and a few that we need to do. To accomplish all these things there are underlying skills that are necessary for success. For some of us, prioritizing and following tasks through to completion is implicit. For a lot of us, getting lost along the way, frustrated and frazzled is all in a day's work.

And that is as an adult!


Imagine how this is for a child!

Thankfully these skills can be learned and form the foundations of success.


Imagine the feeling of setting a task for your child and knowing they'll be able to complete it independently.


Imagine being able to send your child to a co-op lesson and having the confidence that not only will they be able to participate but hold their own and then some.


Maybe it is my background as an OT but I tend to break tasks down these categories: the person completing it, the environment it is happening in and the occupation itself. The way I see it (and research backs me up), is that when we set up the person and their environment for success, the occupation (the task) has a way better chance of succeeding. 

Join the Executive Functioning Focus Group, Today.

  • You'll get: 

  • Access to your very own membership portal

  • Become part of our tight-knit community to ask all the questions and hear the perspectives of other homeschool mamas like you.

  • Experts in the field joining you for an interactive workshop where you can feel heard and get your questions answered directly.

  • Participate in our book club where we go through a selected book on the topic of Executive Functioning together. Hello finally actioning a book instead of just reading it (or starting it) and setting it aside for 'one day'!!

  • We cover topics like: response inhibition, working memory, emotional control, sustained attention, task initiation, planning / prioritization, organization, time management, goal-directed persistence, flexibility, & metacognition.


Hi, I'm Sarah.

OT and homeschool mama who just loves helping other homeschool families thrive. I created this focus group to have a dedicated space to discuss all things executive functioning after dozens of questions from my awesome Facebook group. I can't wait to share my findings and help you get your aha moment so that this coming school year is set up for success.