Occupational Therapy Consulting for Families who Homeschool

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How we work:


    We will meet in-person or via conference call to discuss your child's specific needs and how your homeschool can best fit those needs.


    You will receive written recommendations based on our conversation to address your specific educational needs and how to best integrate EVERYONE into your day.


    We will continue to communicate to ensure that your family is successful in your homeschooling program!


    We can provide training to other providers in your child's care such as other family members or educational co-ops.


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What Our Clients Say

I am a homeschool mother of 8 currently homeschooling 6 children from Pre-K to 5th grade. Collins Therapy Services was helpful in walking me through a REAL life scenario, and highlighting the BEST way to manage my school day, while meeting the needs of all my children, especially my daughter with special needs. Sarah asked great questions, was kind and patient, and put together a plan of action for our entire family. It was beneficial to see a daily routine laid out on paper, with suggested tools to help keep me sane😉, and to keep the kids on task. I would certainly recommend Collins Therapy Services.

Aneesah B.

Sarah gave my son a wonderful and thorough evaluation and made great recommendations that helped us right away. This service is so convenient and I am very thankful. I can’t recommend this enough!

Christy R.

Thank you Sarah so much for all the helpful education and invaluable tools that you provided for our family. You thoroughly equipped us with the ability to best navigate life and understand our child.   We are very grateful to you for all your help and will continue to use your services as our families' needs change and develop.

Happy Homeschool Dad

I’m so grateful for Sarah’s constant encouragement and support during a time of difficulty as well. She helped transform my son from a struggling learner into a successful and happy child. In just five months my son made such incredible progress. He has integrated his reflexes, we have tools in our tool belt to continue his progress with delayed executive function and the best part, my son is confident, happy and his whole world just opened up. Sarah has provided more than occupational therapy, she was a lifeline and has given my son the future he was always meant to have. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Sarah is nothing short of a miracle for our family. I will always be so very grateful for how Sarah transformed my son and my family.

Marni L.


A consultant to work with your homeschool

Collins Academy Therapy Services is licensed through the state of Pennsylvania. Collins Academy Therapy Services is not direct occupational therapy. Recommendations for direct Occupational Therapy may be warranted. Collins Academy Therapy Services does not diagnose. Implementation of recommendations is at the decision of the client and family.

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